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Badminton is at Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard, at 1095 St. Anne's Rd.

The normal school is located as shown by the red "x" above.

Please leave your outdoor shoes on the mat at the front door. The gym is to your left as you come in the front doors.

The school has nothing to do with club operation so please do not call the school for any information.   Instead, see "contact".


You can park your car in the loop in front of the school or in the parking lot to the north of the school (entrance is on St. Anne's Rd.). Please do not park in front of fire hydrants.


If there is a Blue Bomber evening home game occurring on a badminton evening, please note that the north parking lot is used for the "Park and Ride" courtesy bus shuttle to and from the stadium. Parking may be difficult on these evenings. The parking attendants normally have some spots reserved for us in the parking lot to use if the loop is full; just say that you are attending a school event and ask them to direct you to a spot. However, it's happened that the attendants on duty were not informed of the school event, but they normally just direct you to a spot anyway. There is street parking in the neighbourhood to the west, but this will necessitate some extra driving or walking or both. Please do not park in the condominium lots on St. Anne's Rd; most of these have signs that state that they will tow your car.